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(diff) ← Older revision | Latest revision (diff) | Newer revision → (diff) is an online shop for men’s and women’s footwear based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They are an entirely web based retailer developed in 1999 by the parent company- Mason Companies.

"This website is a joke, look elsewhere, and pay a couple of dollars more." says "Meagan B." on a review of Shoemall .com on Yelp on September 18, 2020:

"The shoes are legit, prices are good, customer service reps are "nice" - HOWEVER, two shoes ordered together shipped separately and one pair took over a month to arrive with no tracking data. Customer services reps can't do a thing except for snail MAIL a tracking request form to you, which will also take over a month to arrive!! Then "if" you get the shoes, forget returning, they MAIL YOU a return label which takes OVER A MONTH TO ARRIVE, AND WHO KNOWS WHEN THE SHOES WILL GET BACK TO THEM AND YOU'LL GET YOUR MONEY. This website is a joke, look elsewhere, and pay a couple of dollars more."


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Pasquale Martin says

"Ordered shoes 7 days ago. Still have not received them. This business like many others like to use Covid as an excuse. Yes, perhaps last year. I have written customer care. Which is an oxymoron. They do not care! The email I just received states I need to wait another 7 days. What I am seeing here is Showmall sold a product they do not have in stock. They make up a tracking number and it stays at the mailing facility. Although it looks like the mailing associates of Shoemall have the item they do not! My shoes/ tracking number are still sitting in WI. They have been since 1/29. It is now 2/3. Perhaps the part that upsets me is reviving a return email from Shoemall stating that the issue is resolved. Come on really?!? Shoemall lacks true customer care. They will evade any issues you have with some words typed into an email. Bottom line you are out the purchase price of the shoes. As well as, the shoes. Word to the wise if you are considering buying shoes from Shoemall for an event. You might want to order them 6 months before. You might get them on time. "

Byron Udell says

"Saw an ad for Shoemall (where I had never bought anything before) on a pair of boots I was shopping for. Said 25% off with the "code", as did their home page. After selecting the product, and attempting to check out, the code didn't work, and it pointed me to a "fine print" page. On this page, there were over 130 brands listed (clearly most of the brands they carry) that were apparently not eligible for the discount, many of which are discounted regularly at other merchants. This practice seems misleading, deceptive, and unethical to me. Be careful about their bait and switch come-ons."

Leisel Mower says

"As I sit on the phone waiting for their customer service team to answer my call, I thought I'd warn everyone to NOT choose ShoeMall. If I don't get satisfaction when someone finally answers the phone, I'll do a chargeback. On Dec. 11th I spent over $125 buying my daughter a pair of Doc Marten May Janes. They told me it wouldn't get here until January 5th, knowing it was a popular shoe, that was ok with me. Now the 5 the has come and gone and I haven't heard a word from them. Someone finally picked up the phone to my call I was just holding on. The customer service agent told me that they're still sold out and the new delivery date is the 14th. When I asked her is that is a firm date she answered....."we can't really tell you that because there are a lot of people in front of you and it just depends on how many people are in line for this product". Really? Wow! I asked her how in this day and age (like any other shoe or apparel company), they don't know how many shoes are coming into their inventory and how many orders are still outstanding? They should have the exact day I'll be getting my order. She stated it was just a guess, depending on how many people are in line. This company is not run in a professional or honest way. I wish I would've read the reviews first. I cancelled my order and I'll soon see if that worked. Take my advice and run! Don't let them have your money, you'll never hear from them again!"

Dana Wilson says

"I highly do not recommend Shoe-mall, unless you know exactly what you are purchasing, have already tried it on, and just want another color or something. If you are going blindly into buying shoes, you can expect the following from Shoe Mall: Quick and efficient customer service in the phone most of the time. Unfortunately that is about all their customer service can do, speak to you. If you have a return you can expect to pay to return it, u like other places where returns are free, like shoe buy and Zappos and Amazon Prime. For the usually very overinflated prices that Shoe Mall charges, they have terrible, probably the worst turj around time out there, they state, it takes about two weeks to get your return back, and then another two weeks or so to see your refund, so you can expect about a month or longer to wait for your money back from this company. I haven’t sent the items back yet, I’ll have to see if they give me any other hassles other than that. The same items I was about to purchase from Shoe Mall, I found for a fraction of the cost on Amazon, plus, free returns to UPS or Kohl’s and same day refunds or credit. I deleted anything left in my cart and finished the shoe purchases at other places. I cannot wait to return these, get my money back, and never think shop Shoe Mall again. I do have a YouTube channel and will be doing a full review, after I finish the entire process and get the refund."

John West says

"I bought boots which FedEx says were delivered. They were not, but FedEx sometimes delivers to the wrong address. I called ShoeMall and they refused to file a lost package report with FedEx and said that I must initiate a claim thru PayPal. I also called FedEx who said only the Shipper, ShoeMall, could request an investigation for a lost or misdelivered package."

Billy Hayes says

"I bought a pair of shoes on the 7th of december is now the 19th and still no shoes,,,the lady sara told me to call i do that and for my whole saturday i talk to 4 shoe mall people saying the shoes are in transit...i call fedex and there is no answeres there...DO NOT BUY SHOES FROM this compy... I am on hold right now to get a refund and its been 20 minutes cause nthey know they suck and are in the wrong ...worst experience ever ...i wouldnt even give them a 1 star"

Natalie says

"One star only because I can’t put zero stars. Ordered a shoe Dec 2nd. It was supposedly delivered Dec 12. The shoes were not here and when contacted the company they said I need to fill out paperwork which takes 7-10 days to arrive for a refund. They didn’t seem to care that it was Christmas and weren’t willing to expedite the shipping process. Now I will have to look elsewhere to find a last minute Christmas present. Worst experience ever!"

Rosemjd says

"I purchased three pairs of shoes for my wife at her direction. One pair fit and two did not. It was only then that I came to learn that Shoe Mall requires you to pay for returns if THEY sent the shoes directly from the vendor and not from their own DC. The return of the two pairs of shoes cost me $38.00 US postal service. Lesson learned! Upon receipt of the return Shoe Mall confirmed receipt of the return and wrote that I would have my refund to my card in "2-3 days". 9 days have passed and still no refund. I've called twice and been promised the refund, but I have nothing yet. If you buy from this company I recommend that you be 100% certain that the shoes you order are exactly what you want and will fit. Otherwise, your return will be a real challenge."

Michelle Lowman says

"DO NOT ORDER FROM! Placed order 10/17 with shipping date of 11/08. Now shipping delayed until 11/30 on a boot that is available on all other sites in same size. Clearly have stocking/inventory issues for 2020 based on consistent reviews of same issue. Cancelled order and ordered from Amazon with 2 day delivery with similar price."

mary anne says

"Extremely slow refunds! I received an email that my return was received 10 days ago. I still have not received a refund. This is the third time this has happened. I am done with Shoe Mall!"

Miguel Tapia says

"I wish I had known that my size shoes would fit too large. I did not expect to pay $ 24.84 to return shoes. I’m still waiting for shoe refund and I hope this return is also not false. Returns are not easy and not free. Please advertise honestly So there in no misunderstanding when ordering. Also, train your staff to ensure return slips arrive with order to make it easier for returns as advertised. What’s going on here???? Will never trust again!!!"

Deb says

"All was fine until I ask for a refund. The Skechers I ordered didn't fit. I returned them 2 days after I received them for a refund. IT TOOK FOREVER & A PHILADELPHIA LAWYER TO GET MY REFUND... I called, sent emails, made more calls, sent more emails... It was ridiculous!!! I really did not think they were going to refund my money, Seriously!...I did finally threaten to take legal action! They shorted my refund by $3.67, the tax that I had paid on the shoes. I called and went around in circles with them on this issue, finally they credited me the tax back. They charged me $6.95 for returning the shoes and .62 tax.. I was so aggravated with the entire ordeal and I had no option other than to pay the return charge and tax. They want to charge for everything they can and they can't, til you have no refund left... But I fought them over everything that I could.... I will NEVER shop ShoeMall ever again!!!! It wasn't worth what I had to go thru!!! That was a BUMMER !!!!"

Kristen Edmonds says

"Ordered a pair of boots for my daughter for Christmas. They were too snug. Called customer service and he instructed me to send them back with the free paid postage included with the shipment. Took about a month for them to get returned and me to be refunded. Not only did they take money out for shipping fees they taxed it too!!!! Done with this company!"

Katy says

"I was surprised to learn that Shoemall does not do free returns. I needed to return a pair of steel toed shoes because of the weight of the shoe, only to learn that Shoemall charges for returns. I have always tried on and purchased my shoes at a local retailer. I guess we live and learn. Also, my purchase took longer than anticipated, and was not delivered in time, as my employer required the employees to start wearing them on a specific date."

Mel says

"Ordered a pair of shoes. Fed Ex indicated that it was delivered - was not. Fed Ex could not take claim from us, had to go to ShoeMall for exchange/refund claim. They indicated they would send claim form to us - would take a week to receive. We would then have to fill it out and send back - another week for them to receive and then another week for process of new pair sent. Really - you can't take the information over the phone and start the claim. Poor customer service." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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